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3 Footed Monster

3 Footed Monster PRO Edition - Magnetic Mount

3 Footed Monster PRO Edition - Magnetic Mount

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Due to recent sales, we recently sold out of the PRO Edition. New stock has added, but only in small supplies as we assemble more. Get in quick as when these stock run out, the next pre-order batch will be September.

Introducing the PRO Edition
- The BIGGER 3 Footed Monster, the ultimate magnetic mount for your camera, phone, light or anything else you can think of!


Developed from years of research and testing, you will find that the 3 Footed Monster is designed to be durable, reliable and easy to use.

Each 3 Footed Monster comes with a camera mount and phone clamp so almost any device can be easily mounted.

The ball mounting system rotates around a full 360 degree axis as well as vertically which allows for maximum versatility when adjusting to achieve your desired angle.

The 3 magnetic feet have a wide base with a centre flux design and firmly magnetise to any ferrous surface. Along with the patent protected multi-angle magnet design thanks to the spring-loaded feet, it can easily conform when placed on uneven surfaces.

For added safety, a tether point is machined into ALL 3 Footed Monster bases, so you can be sure that no matter what circumstances the mount is used in, you can tether of lock the 3 Footed Monster for added piece of mind. 

Have you needed to mount a light or a flash on a pole, a fence, under a car so you  can see what they’re doing better?

Not only are 3 Footed Monster's creators hardcore lifestyle, fitness and recreation junkies, it's also widely used by Television production professionals, YouTubers, TikTok creators, Videographers, and anyone wanting to capture great looking shots just mount a piece of equipment quickly and simply whilst on the go. 

Looking for something durable, fast and easy to use? The 3 Footed Monster is your answer.

Get yourself a 3 Footed Monster, the simple and versatile professional magnetic mount.

Product Specifications

Weight 800g
Dimensions 180 x 180 x 180mm
Height (mount) 110mm
Width (mount) 145mm
6061 T6 Aluminium
Rubber Coated Rare-Earth Magnets
Stainless Steel



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